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Avocado: Music of Safe Word

Andrew Edwards

Composer Andrew Edwards

Post by SAFE WORD composer Andrew Edwards

Usually, when I sit down with a director to talk about the music they want for a film, the names that get bandied around are familiar: Williams, Zimmer, Goldsmith, etc. When I sat down with Todd, however, the names were distinctly different: Ligeti, Penderecki…wait, who?! These titans of mid-20th century texturalist music are known for eliciting massive, terrifying, walls of sound from traditional music ensembles, and for being a particular favorite of Stanley Kubrick’s. Remember the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey? The labyrinth from The Shining? (Or, more recently, the parachute drop from the latest Godzilla remake?)

This is not music you will find on your workout mix. Continue reading