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But Is It Art?

Swingers Swinging by Tom Hill

Swingers Swinging by Tom Hill

We knew we had something dirty on our hands, but we didn’t know exactly how dirty until we were tapped by the Kinsey Institute, who at this moment is showing Safe Word as part of their 2015 Juried Art Show. That’s right folks: how perverted are you on a scale of one to ten? Eleven, baby! Art lovers and the raincoat set mingle at the Grunwald Gallery of Art in downtown Bloomington, Indiana, to ponder erotic art, the human form, and a panoply of sexuality. What a beautiful thing, and in the great Red State of Indiana! Who knew? Despite the awful Religious Freedom Act, we always knew those Republicans had fun in the sack.

Check out a preview of the exhibition here.

Start Your Engines

Indy Fest 2014This Friday, Safe Word will be playing the first of three screenings at the wonderful Indianapolis International Film Festival (aka Indy Fest) in the Funny Ha Ha shorts program. Other hilarious films on the bill include stories about marriage, death, and the apocalypse. Natch! In this company, Safe Word will feel right at home. We commend the festival programmers for having the bad taste to choose our movie, and finding fulsome fellow travelers.