I Heart SF

Being selected for Frameline was an honor, but I had no idea the program it played in, “Fun In Boys Shorts,” was such a festival institution: a comedic showcase always scheduled for the first Saturday of the festival, it typically plays to a packed house at the 1,600 seat Castro Theater. Indeed, the screening was sold out, and the audience came ready to laugh. “Safe Word” was first on the bill, and to my relief the San Franciscans have a wicked sense of humor even on Saturday morning. Here are a few photos of that event.

Start Your Engines

Indy Fest 2014This Friday, Safe Word will be playing the first of three screenings at the wonderful Indianapolis International Film Festival (aka Indy Fest) in the Funny Ha Ha shorts program. Other hilarious films on the bill include stories about marriage, death, and the apocalypse. Natch! In this company, Safe Word will feel right at home. We commend the festival programmers for having the bad taste to choose our movie, and finding fulsome fellow travelers.

Palm Springs ShortFest Love

ShortFest_Laurels_BestOfFestSelectionSafe Word was one of seven short films in an Audience Favorite LGBT program on June 23. Though I missed that screening, I attended the festival for a few days the week prior, and really had a terrific time.  I met talented filmmakers from all over the world, attended a few workshops and panels, and watched some of the best shorts I’d ever seen. Some were super simple, others were mind-bogglingly ambitious, but it was easy to see why each had been chosen. It was like getting fat on plates of hors d’oeuvres at a huge party, and I left feeling spoiled and zooming on the best sugar rush ever.

New England Charm

provincetown_film_festival_While SAFE WORD plays at two festivals in California this weekend, it will receive three screenings at the Provincetown International Film Festival, which is celebrated for a mix of LGBT films as well as mainstream art house fare. If only I could be in two places at once! Celebrity guests will include Patricia Clarkson, Debra Winger, and David Cronenberg, and the doc and feature programming is simply stellar. Still, I’d say even a film festival of that magnitude has stiff competition from its coastal scenery — the wharfs, dunes, and people watching are second to none. Let me know if you go.

Avocado: Music of Safe Word

Andrew Edwards

Composer Andrew Edwards

Post by SAFE WORD composer Andrew Edwards

Usually, when I sit down with a director to talk about the music they want for a film, the names that get bandied around are familiar: Williams, Zimmer, Goldsmith, etc. When I sat down with Todd, however, the names were distinctly different: Ligeti, Penderecki…wait, who?! These titans of mid-20th century texturalist music are known for eliciting massive, terrifying, walls of sound from traditional music ensembles, and for being a particular favorite of Stanley Kubrick’s. Remember the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey? The labyrinth from The Shining? (Or, more recently, the parachute drop from the latest Godzilla remake?)

This is not music you will find on your workout mix. Continue reading

California Dreaming

FramelineFBLogoHead west young man! Two of the most prestigious festivals in the country are willing to risk their stalwart reputations by showing our trashy little picture, and we love them for it! Palm Springs ShortFest will show Safe Word on June 18, and Frameline will be showing June 21 and 29 at the glorious Castro Theater. I will be attending both in-person and promise to do my part in dragging highbrow art house cinema down to the lowest common denominator. Please say hello and wish me luck.

Hello Out Twin Cities Film Festival!

Out Twin Cities Film FestivalWe are super psyched to be screening at the Out Twin Cities Film Festival, voted one of the 5 Coolest LGBT Film Festivals In The World by MovieMaker Magazine. Safe Word will be screening in the Provocateur section on Friday evening at the Mall of America (can you say Snoopy Roller Coaster? Hooray!). Check out the entire festival here

Going to Toronto!

LGBT_torontoI’m super thrilled to announce that Safe Word will be having its world premiere at InsideOut, Toronto’s renowned LGBT film festival. See it in the Gay Shorts program “Secrets and Guys” on Saturday, May 24 at 4pm at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Visit their website here.

Kickstarter success!

I am thrilled and honored to say that we made our Kickstarter goal. Thank you to everyone who donated: friends, relatives, and total strangers. I’ve been on the receiving end of some very good karma for the past 30 days and it’s melted me into a little puddle of gratitude — a truly overwhelming experience. I deeply appreciate everyone’s support and generosity. It really means a lot. Thank you!

I’m On A Boat

You can all rest assured that the film is off to a great start! With less than 24 hours to go on our Kickstarter campaign, and coupled with a great first day of shooting, we are all feeling upbeat here at SAFE WORD! Here are some pics from the first day. Click and enjoy…

HOLLY CR- -! I hope that’s just makeup on Benjie’s face, he is too cute for scars!