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French Kiss

Reeling 32 Audience AwardWe are thrilled to announce Safe Word won the Audience Award at Reeling! Thank you Chicago for showing some hometown love! It was a blast being in the festival, and a very special experience, especially now that I know how many other perverts were in the room.

Safe Word is cruising through November with festival screenings in Rehoboth Beach, Santa Barbara, Montreal, and Puerto Rico! Lovely festivals all, and what a way to round out the year. This Thanksgiving I plan on having fish tacos and poutine to celebrate.


Palm Springs ShortFest Love

ShortFest_Laurels_BestOfFestSelectionSafe Word was one of seven short films in an Audience Favorite LGBT program on June 23. Though I missed that screening, I attended the festival for a few days the week prior, and really had a terrific time.  I met talented filmmakers from all over the world, attended a few workshops and panels, and watched some of the best shorts I’d ever seen. Some were super simple, others were mind-bogglingly ambitious, but it was easy to see why each had been chosen. It was like getting fat on plates of hors d’oeuvres at a huge party, and I left feeling spoiled and zooming on the best sugar rush ever.