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Make Mine A Tripel

WestmalleToday we honor our screening at the Tels Quels Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium with (what else?) Belgian beer. If there are three things close to my heart, they would be film festivals, beer, and Belgian waffles, pretty much in any order. Tels Quels is actually a cultural and social service agency serving the LGBTQ community, and the festival has had numerous incarnations over the years under various auspices. We’re so glad Tels Quels is keeping the festival alive and healthy and socially conscious, even while they’re showing unredeemable trash such as Safe Word.

French Kiss

Reeling 32 Audience AwardWe are thrilled to announce Safe Word won the Audience Award at Reeling! Thank you Chicago for showing some hometown love! It was a blast being in the festival, and a very special experience, especially now that I know how many other perverts were in the room.

Safe Word is cruising through November with festival screenings in Rehoboth Beach, Santa Barbara, Montreal, and Puerto Rico! Lovely festivals all, and what a way to round out the year. This Thanksgiving I plan on having fish tacos and poutine to celebrate.


Going Down in Chi-Town

Landmark MarqueeI’m super excited for a couple reasons.

1. Safe Word will be playing in Love Is A Monster: Gay Comedy Shorts program in Reeling: the Chicago LGBT Film Festival on Saturday, September 20.
2. It’s playing in a Landmark Theater. I love Landmark. I’ve seen countless indie, foreign, and art films in their fat cushy seats while drinking beer smuggled in from the corner store.
3. I’m a former employee of Chicago Filmmakers, the organization that runs Reeling. I have no relationship to the programmer, but I commend her very bad taste in programming  the film. Continue reading

California Dreaming

FramelineFBLogoHead west young man! Two of the most prestigious festivals in the country are willing to risk their stalwart reputations by showing our trashy little picture, and we love them for it! Palm Springs ShortFest will show Safe Word on June 18, and Frameline will be showing June 21 and 29 at the glorious Castro Theater. I will be attending both in-person and promise to do my part in dragging highbrow art house cinema down to the lowest common denominator. Please say hello and wish me luck.