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Absolutely Fabulous!

Absolutely FabulousAs Pride 2016 kicks into gear, we will be joining Patsy and Edina at the Absolutely Fabulous Extravaganza at the Out Here Now Festival in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. SAFE WORD will be  one of four films that will help celebrate the new AbFab film release later this summer, and it’s right on time! I am in sore need of a lesson in high fashion followed by a week of heavy drinking.

Trick or Treat

PirateOctober has been an extremely busy month for Safe Word — seven festivals in seven days, plus two more the week before, for a total of nine! We’ve been ringing doorbells in Albuquerque, Louisville, Atlanta, Seattle, and Tampa to name a few, plus toilet papering trees in Hamburg, Germany, our first overseas date. October is a heavy LGBT festival month, but with all the homo romantic comedies on tap you’d never guess the kinship with ghosts and goblins. But it’s there! We should embrace our inner demons — a real long hot naked hug, because it’s that time of year, and they need love, too. Otherwise you could … maybe… dress up as a pirate?

I Heart SF

Being selected for Frameline was an honor, but I had no idea the program it played in, “Fun In Boys Shorts,” was such a festival institution: a comedic showcase always scheduled for the first Saturday of the festival, it typically plays to a packed house at the 1,600 seat Castro Theater. Indeed, the screening was sold out, and the audience came ready to laugh. “Safe Word” was first on the bill, and to my relief the San Franciscans have a wicked sense of humor even on Saturday morning. Here are a few photos of that event.